Performance Drywall and Paint

Performance Drywall and Paint

Founded in 1989 to deliver quality performance on every drywall jobs we do. Performance Drywall is a sought after Drywall contractor in Northern California. For the past  27 years we have established big clientele in the industry of chain of Hotels, Restaurants, Casinos, Custom houses  and  Commercial buildings.

In the first quarter of 2017 we expanded the company to paint contracting. The company is now called Performance Drywall and Paint.   

We have established great credibility and excellence performance on each job we  do because we value all of our  clients. 

We are license in California with State License # 1026608

We are a company that gives equal opportunity to every individual so our  employees have been with us for long time  and they put their hearts to the company.

With Performance Drywall and Paint, we deliver what we promised!

Karina Mendoza
P.O. Box 1226
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