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The PCCA works closely with The California State License Board to help property owners through the construction and remodeling process.
Start by checking the contractors license number, make sure they are licensed, and the name on the license matches the company you are doing business with.
Your contractor cannot use a license that belongs to someone else.  It doesn’t matter if it’s his own brother.
Follow this link to check a license number.
Check A License

Review all of the material available from The Contractors State License Board that we have available.  Use the handy checklist for interviewing contractors, get familiar with mechanics liens and how they can impact you as well as how to prevent them, brush up on what to pay, when to pay, and when not to pay.
Guides and Publications

The PCCA does not expect you to be the professional and understand it all, if you have questions or need assistance on hiring or qualifying a contractors, contact us directly.  916-771-7229