Linked Permit Kiosk

The PCCA proudly announces the new #Linked partnership with Placer County Community Development Resource Agency.


TO: Board of Supervisors

FROM: Steve Pedretti
Agency Director

BY: Tim Wegner
Chief Building Official


DATE: January 9, 2018

SUBJECT: Community Development Resource Agency and Placer County Contractor Association Partnership.

1. Receive an informational update regarding the recent public-private partnership created between Placer County Community Development Resource Agency and the Placer County Contractor Association.

Placer County’s Community Development Resource Agency (CORA) and the Placer County Contractor Association (PCCA) have developed “LINKED”, a new online permitting process, to better serve the Community.

“LINKED” is a public-private partnership that will enable PCCA to submit building permit applications and plans on behalf of citizens directly into the County’s online permit system.

The permit process can be confusing to community members who rarely require permits. This service will assist citizens, contractors, and business owners who may be unfamiliar with, or don’t have the time to complete the permit submittal process, and does so without requiring them to visit the County’s permit center.

The PCCA will have the experience to provide permit submittals quickly and professionally, reducing processing time. This program also gives citizens access to local licensed contractors to perform the work. An added benefit may be the reduced volume of customers at the County’s land development
counter. Due to the collaboration between County staff, the local community and contractors, “LINKED” should prove to be a successful program that improves the permitting process from start to finish.

Commencing February 1, 2018 PCCA’s Permit Submittal Kiosk in Roseville will assist the community with completing online permit applications and plan submittal to CORA. PCCA is set-up to help the applicants convert paper construction drawings into a digital set, or downloading already digitized plans for submittal.

PCCA can help identify a California Licensed Contractor to complete the project. With “LINKED” these services are provided in one location for the consumer’s convenience at no additional cost.

Together CORA and PCCA ensure public safety while streamlining the permitting process.

There are no net County Costs associated with this program.
cc: Karin Schwab, Assistant County Counsel

We will formally announce the new partnership at The PCCA Annual Dinner on January 12th at Timber Creek in Roseville. There are still tickets available for the dinner.
You can sign up at the link below. For more information, please contact The PCCA at 916-771-7229.